Hereís what some of my customers have said -


Dear Aunt Debbie:

The dress arrived on time and we finally got a minute today for the try on. It is adorable and we love it. My little girl was quite emotional when she saw the dress. She will be sure to tell the other girls where she got it.



The parcel arrived today and my 'little one' was very pleased with the dresses.

So was I. They fit perfectly and make her completely the little girl she feels to be.

Thanks for your effort.



There is a certain little girl here who can't wait to show off her new dress at camp this spring. It fits perfectly and looks absolutely adorable.


I received my package today, thank you. I love the dress and it fits me good, short enough to show my panties [also fit good]. Thanks,



I really love the dress thank you for making such a wonderful dress, I will be looking for more of yours when I buy more dresses.



Received the dress today, and per your note am dropping you a line to let you know it arrived in good condition. Have tried it on (of course!) and it fits wonderfully.  Excellent craftsmanship. Most appreciated. Now all I have to do is get matching nail polish for the lavender.



I just wanted to write you and tell you how happy I am with the dresses I purchased!  They are so cute!



I had a good opportunity to dress up on the weekend and now can appreciate how lovingly you made the outfit.  It is absolutely precious. It is very sweet and does make one feel very much the toddler.  With the big bow in back it is particularly wonderful.

Thank you so much for your tender care in making this for me.

lots of hugs,



Actually the pink sundress was a HUGE hit! I would LOVE to be able to get another one from you like it, except in a blue? If you think this is possible please let me know, could be made to that one's specifications.


Hello: lol like your dress no auntie I love that dress, itís what every little girl should or a person that likes to dress like a little girl should wear and i love that the panties will cover the diapers I wear also.



Thank you for the dress, like it? I absolutely ADORE and LOVE it!
The professional job you do is fantastic, fits very well, THANK YOU! 

I love the extra rows of lace on the pants and dress edge, just what I hoped for

I will keep you in mind if I need more outfits, or if any of my cd friends like it and want something similar from you.


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