About Me

Iíve been sewing for over 40 years, mostly womenís clothing, everything from day dresses and suits to party dresses.  Iíve also made several wedding dresses!  I made some baby boy outfits when my son was a baby, which was nice, but Iíve always wanted to make frilly little girl dresses.

A while ago I found out about adult babies and sissies and at last I can make those frilly outfits!  Every day finds me at my sewing machine, working on pretty things.  

When Iím not making custom dresses, Iím working on my other obsession, decorating weddings.  Here is the link to my wedding website so you can see some other beautiful things I do:  www.debobella.com


Some of my all-time favorite dresses:

debbiesdresser1901015020.jpg debbiesdresser1901015019.jpg debbiesdresser1901015018.jpg debbiesdresser1901015017.jpg debbiesdresser1901015016.jpg debbiesdresser1901015015.jpg debbiesdresser1901015014.jpg debbiesdresser1901015013.jpg debbiesdresser1901015012.jpg debbiesdresser1901015011.jpg debbiesdresser1901015010.jpg debbiesdresser1901015009.jpg debbiesdresser1901015008.jpg debbiesdresser1901015007.jpg debbiesdresser1901015006.jpg debbiesdresser1901015005.jpg debbiesdresser1901015004.jpg
debbiesdresser1901015003.jpg debbiesdresser1901015002.jpg debbiesdresser1901015001.jpg