Do You Do Custom Dresses?

YES!  I adore making new items.  If you have a picture, send it to me, or just describe what you have in mind.


What Is The Quality of Your Dresses?

I use good quality materials.  I sew everything as if I was making it for myself.  All seams are finished neatly.  All embellishments are sewn on firmly.  All ribbon ends have fray-check applied so they donít unravel in the wash.  This does add extra time to making your dress, but you will have a garment you can wear over and over again.

Can I Wash My Dress?

Yes!  Most items use washable materials.  Even the satin dresses are made from 100% polyester and wash very nicely.  I always choose embellishments that can be washed.  If you have to iron, always start with a low setting.  Crinoline and organza are made from nylon and melt easily.  Anything with sparkle tulle can't be washed.


How Long Does It Take to Make My Dress?

Actual sewing time is 2-3 days.  However, it may take longer if there are other orders ahead of you or I if have to order material.  I do try to keep the popular colors on hand.  You can email me for a time estimate before ordering.  I also send you an Order Acknowledgement and it includes the estimated completion date.



Most garments are available in a variety of colors; please check the Color chart for each item.

A word about patterns:  the only pattern that has been around forever is gingham, everything else seems to come and go.  If you want a dress with flowers, butterflies, princesses etc. on it, let me know and I will find a currently available pattern for you.  Or you can take a chance and just pick a color and I will pick a pattern, always a nice one for babies or sissies.



See the Size chart for each item.  You can also send me your measurements and I will figure it out.  Iím happy to custom size your dress for you.

Remember, you can always wear a dress that is too big, but you canít wear one that is too small.

You donít want to rip your pretty clothing, do you?



I ship worldwide.

Shipping is by Canada Post air mail.

All parcels have contents marked as ďcostumeĒ and are wrapped in a plain box.

All customs duties and taxes are your responsibility.

I am happy to combine shipping, please ask for estimate.

See the Ordering Info page for more details.



I accept PayPal for all transactions. Itís easy and itís safe.  I never see any of your financial info.

You can use Paypal to pay by credit card or from your bank account. Go to www.paypal.com to sign up.   Why just PayPal?  It takes too long for all other types of payments to clear. Please donít ask for an exception, even fellow Canadians.  Thank you for your understanding.



Since all items are custom made, I will not accept returns.  If you are not happy with your item, please let me know, there is nearly always some way to make things right.

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