Choose standard sizes from the chart on the item page or just send me your measurements and I will figure it out for you.

Remember, you can always wear a dress that is too big, but not one that is too small!

Babies especially need extra room in their clothes to crawl around!

Skirt lengths are easy to change; longer may have a small additional charge.

Sizes larger than the chart will have an extra material charge.


p.s. 1:  If you wear a diaper, please measure your hip with it on to get the right size.

p.s. 2:  Pants are made of non-stretch fabric, so will fit loosely so there is room for you to sit in them.

debbiesdresser1901011019.jpg debbiesdresser1901011018.jpg debbiesdresser1901011017.jpg debbiesdresser1901011016.jpg debbiesdresser1901011015.jpg debbiesdresser1901011014.jpg debbiesdresser1901011013.jpg debbiesdresser1901011012.jpg debbiesdresser1901011011.jpg debbiesdresser1901011010.jpg debbiesdresser1901011009.jpg debbiesdresser1901011008.jpg debbiesdresser1901011007.jpg debbiesdresser1901011006.jpg debbiesdresser1901011005.jpg debbiesdresser1901011004.jpg debbiesdresser1901011003.jpg
Choose the size closest to your chest measurement. 
If you need a different length in the bodice or skirt please email me.
Note:  If you need size 32 or 34, please use the separate order box below the other sizes.
These are the basic measurements I need:
debbiesdresser1901011002.jpg debbiesdresser1901011001.jpg